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Serums for the face

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Facial Serums: Why Are They So Popular?
A few decades ago, not so many products could be purchased for facial care. Tonic, lotion, foam, cream - that's the whole range available. With the development of beauty technologies, it has expanded significantly and modern women have the opportunity to pamper their skin with a variety of means. For example, buy a facial serum - a product with a high concentration of nutrients. It contains plant extracts, vitamin complexes and various natural additives that have an active effect on the skin.

Why you should buy face serum
Facial serums can be bought in Ukraine in different formulations. But all of them are powerful means of intensive action. Serum helps fight dermatological problems, helps speed up the action of other beauty products, works great in combination. It is able to enhance the effect of the cream, it works as an independent product when applied under an alginate mask.

Serums for face care - cosmetics containing active ingredients, the action of which is aimed at solving problems such as:

  • intensive moisturizing, elimination of dryness of the skin;
  • leveling of small wrinkles;
  • removal of pigmentation, traces of acne;
  • improvement of complexion;
  • reduction of skin tension;
  • removal of manifestations of withering of the skin.

Is it possible to buy a moisturizing facial serum for the purpose of prevention? It is important to understand that the serum is an intensive remedy for specific cosmetic problems. You shouldn't use it for no reason. Yes, and it should be selected only on the basis of the individual characteristics of the dermis and existing problems.

How to choose face serums in Ukraine
It is not difficult to buy facial serum in Kyiv - today these products are presented on store shelves in a fairly wide range. But in order to achieve the desired effect in the selection of funds, you should focus on several important criteria. The first one is your skin type.

For dry skin, face serums should be ordered moisturizing. The optimal solution is formulas with hyaluronic acid. This ingredient will help make the covers resistant to moisture loss, increases elasticity. Serum components such as snail mucus extract, collagen, probiotics, vitamin C, seaweed extracts show themselves well in action.

The cost of face serum for mixed and combination skin is no different from the prices of other types of products. But the composition will be different, because such products work best if they contain green tea, lemon, cucumber, mild acids. They contribute to the regeneration of the epidermis, intensively fight pigmentation and post-acne.

For mature skin, choose a natural serum for free radical fighting, UV protection, and hydration. These are cosmetics with antioxidants, vitamins A and C, snail slime extract, peptides. To increase the effectiveness of the product, use sunscreen on top.

Facial serums in Kyiv can also be purchased for oily skin care. These formulas contain retinoids that help to effectively unclog pores and reduce sebum production. Suitable products with vitamin C and mandelic acid.

If you need a face serum - you can buy it online in Ukraine
If you need a facial serum, we offer to order it quickly and at a nice price. The Lantale online store offers a wide selection of quality organic and natural products from the best manufacturers in the world. Choose high-quality cosmetics and order online. Serum for the face, the price of which can always be selected individually, will help prolong the youthfulness of the face and take care of its beauty as effectively as possible.

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