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Ubtan for the face

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What is ubtan for the face and how to apply it
Choosing an absolutely natural, organic eco-friendly skin care product, you can explore a huge number of offers from the best manufacturers of cosmetic products. Among them, there will definitely be exactly the product that you dream of. We recommend buying ubtan for the face - a natural Ayurvedic preparation, for the production of which components such as crushed herbs, cereals, nuts, spices, clay, vegetable oils are used. The fractions of the components are so small that they form an almost homogeneous mixture and do not injure the skin. How to use such cosmetics?

Ubtan for washing is used after dilution with water or other liquid. You can use natural juice, decoction of herbs, hydrolat. The consistency of the product should become pasty. Ubtan is worth buying for skin cleansing. The tool gives the epidermis smoothness, makes it soft, tender.

Among the attractive properties of the mixture should be highlighted:

  • it does not dry out the skin;
  • does not violate the acid-base balance;
  • perfectly cleanses, tones, tightens;
  • contributes to the normalization of blood circulation;
  • activates the regeneration of skin cells.

The basis of the mixture may contain different components. Traditionally, chickpea flour is used, which makes up about a third of the total product. Rice, rye or oat flour can be used instead. They serve to adhere to particles of dirt and simplify their rinsing.

The base is supplemented with various ingredients. The composition should be selected taking into account the type and characteristics of the skin. Carefully study the properties of the components added to the formula. So, for normal skin, you can buy ubtan in Ukraine, which contains rose, mint. For dry skin, care with violet and lavender is ideal. If you notice an increased fat content of the covers - you can order ubtan with chamomile, string, sage.

The range of mixture formulas is very diverse, so carefully study which components the manufacturer has included in your product and choose the best solution for yourself.

How to buy quality ubtan
Ubtan buy in Kyiv offers online store Lantale. On our website you will find an extensive online catalog, which contains a variety of natural mixtures for high-quality and safe facial skin care. The price for ubtan is affordable, in addition, you can choose the best product for the price. To order, use the online order form or give us a call. Delivery is organized throughout Ukraine.