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Facial fluids

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Facial fluids
Today, cosmetics manufacturers offer customers many interesting and effective solutions. They have long gone beyond the production of exclusively foam and cream and are developing unique formulas of specialized products to solve individual dermatological problems.

Face fluid cream is one of the novelties on the world market. Like serums, fluid moisturizing appeared on sale not so long ago, but quickly became a popular product among the fair sex. What is Facial Hydrating Fluid? This is a simplified version of the usual cream, differing in texture and action.

Fluid face cream is a universal solution for skin care. The texture of the product is delicate, fluid, non-greasy. The fluid for moisturizing the face is very quickly absorbed into the skin and does not leave stickiness on it. In what cases is it worth buying a fluid for the face? What tasks does he solve?

One of the main purposes of the product is to nourish and moisturize the skin. Such care allows you to increase the elasticity of the covers, make them more elastic. Fluid - a face cream that does not contain oils, which means it does not clog pores, provides freshness and tenderness to the skin, makes it velvety without unpleasant marks and the desire to wash.

The main component of modern fluids is a fat-free gel. Healthy ingredients of natural origin are added to it. Popular formulas with hyaluronic acid, plant extracts, mild acids.

Cream fluid can be bought in different versions
The most popular and demanded cosmetic solution is a moisturizing facial fluid. But in the range of products of manufacturers there are also products with a different purpose.

Moisturizing formulas in most cases are used for dry, oily and sensitive skin. They contribute to the normalization of the water balance of cellular structures, help to improve the appearance of the face, even out its tone and relief.

Among the no less interesting varieties of this type of cosmetics are:

  • skin smoothing agent - can be used as a base for make-up, easy to apply and absorbed in seconds, protects the skin from harmful effects;
  • smoothing fluid cream suitable for daily use, helps to eliminate fine wrinkles, lift facial contours, increase skin elasticity, deeply moisturizes;
  • Sun fluid cream attracts with a very light texture, quickly absorbed by the epidermis, brightens the tone and protects against negative UV radiation.

For face fluid, the price can be both small and quite high. In many ways, it depends on the composition of the product and the popularity of the manufacturer. The trend is natural and organic formulas that do not contain artificially created ingredients. Among the components often included by brands in the composition of fluids are plant extracts, mineral complexes, reflective elements. Compositions with cucumber and herbs are popular - they refresh, give lightness and coolness. Hyaluronic acid increases skin turgor, rejuvenates, heals, smoothes wrinkles.

How to order fluids in the Lantale online store
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