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Body sprays

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Natural body spray in Ukraine

Body care involves not only cleansing, our skin also needs to be moisturized. Such a cosmetic product as a body spray, which you can buy in our online store, quickly copes with this task. The spray not only moisturizes the skin of the body, but also has refreshing and softening properties.

The principle of the body spray

Thanks to a convenient bottle with a dispenser, the cosmetic product is evenly and quickly applied to the skin. It has a light texture, is instantly absorbed, does not form a sticky film and leaves no greasy residue. The vast majority of body sprays are based on thermal water, which is supplemented with vitamin complexes, plant extracts and valuable oils. Thanks to this, sprays also perform the function, for example, of lotion, if used after a shower. Thanks to their nourishing, moisturizing and softening action, they provide the necessary care, helping the skin to remain pleasant and silky, and also give a pleasant aroma.

Where to buy natural body spray

Inexpensive, good quality natural body sprays can be purchased at the Lantale online store. In the Lantal online store you can buy a perfumed or moisturizing body spray from the best Ukrainian manufacturers. Low prices and special offers are waiting for you in the promotions section.