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Facial oils

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Shop of natural oils for the face

If you are using face oils for wrinkles, then turn your attention to rose oil and wheat germ oil. Due to their natural anti-aging effect on the skin, deep wrinkles become less noticeable, and the network of fine wrinkles disappears altogether, and you look young and attractive again without the use of harsh hardware cosmetic procedures.

For dry and dehydrated skin, cosmetic oils such as rose oil, olive oil, you can also buy argan facial oil and avocado oil. Take a closer look at butters (solid oils) - shea butter, coconut oil, which are not always suitable for other skin types.

Which natural face oil to buy

We recommend buying a natural face oil that does not clog pores. You can choose for the skin, natural argan oil for the face or buy natural coconut oil for the face.

For skin with oily areas, grape seed and St. John's wort oils, black cumin oil, or a combination of both are great. Other oils for breakout-prone skin should be used with great care so as not to increase the number of imperfections. Before using any of your chosen oils, test it on a small area of ​​your skin. If the skin "likes", feel free to proceed with regular use.

Jojoba, wheat germ, sea buckthorn, apricot kernel oils can be safely used on any skin, they are universal.

For the purpose of facial massage, any oils suitable for your skin type are used, of course, with the exception of butters, which we recommend using for body skin, since they will not provide the necessary glide in an unsoftened form for facial skin.

The conventional wisdom that oils are too heavy and do not allow oxygen to pass through is nothing more than a myth associated with the wrong selection or use of oils for the face. And, of course, do not trust cheap oils from unknown manufacturers, buy them in trusted stores and be sure to carefully study the composition, which definitely should not contain the so-called "synthetics".

Alternately apply face cream and oil, replace one with another - the choice is yours, but you will definitely be satisfied with the effect of using natural, natural, and most importantly, oils that are absolutely safe for your skin.

How to apply oil on the face

A few tips on how to use essential oils:

1. Do not overdo it with the amount - just a few drops are enough, which you will distribute over the entire surface of the skin of the face.
2. Even if you consider yourself an ardent fan of natural oils in matters of facial care, arrange at least occasionally your skin "fasting days" on ordinary creams or serums, because they provide the skin with the necessary hydration, while natural oils deeply nourish and care.
3. Base oils work very well as a night care, but in the frosty season they have proven to be great as an addition to a day cream or face serum. Apply just a few drops, rubbing it in the palms of your hands, over a cream or serum.
4. Keep in mind that decorative cosmetics (especially mineral ones) fit perfectly on an oil base. It is not for nothing that famous brands create makeup bases (primers) based on organic oils. You can save money by using natural oils under makeup, while being in no way inferior to well-known brand primers due to their cosmetic properties.

Where to buy natural face oils

Buying facial oil in the online store of natural cosmetics Lantale is the right decision, because we provide complete information about the product and its composition and always offer discounts and promotional offers for your profitable purchases.