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Body oils

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Natural body oils in Ukraine

Body butter is a popular cosmetic product, known since the time of Cleopatra. It moisturizes and nourishes the body, making it smooth and velvety. Separate components penetrate deeply into the skin, saturating it with beneficial trace elements and vitamins.

Natural body oils, in addition to useful properties, have a very pleasant smell and easily replace perfume. In our online store of natural cosmetics Lantale you can buy natural body oils from the best brands.

What body oil to buy

In the catalog of our store you can choose the following types of oils:

  • Nourishing body butter. Relaxes, tones and nourishes the skin.
  • Anti-cellulite oil. Reduces "to a minimum" flabbiness, stretch marks and "orange peel".
  • Hydrophilic shower oil. Relieves irritation and nourishes the skin with moisture.
  • Massage oil. Reduces subcutaneous fat deposits and removes toxins, slags.
  • Suntan oil. Evenly distributes the tan, protects from the negative effects of direct sunlight.
  • After sun oil with shimmer. Eliminates dryness, softens the skin, gives it a seductive glow.
  • Cleansing body oil. Eliminates impurities, restores hydrobalance, saturates skin cells with useful microelements.
  • Moisturizing body oil. Increases firmness and elasticity of the skin, restores the hydro-lipid balance.
  • Body scrub oil. Restores blood microcirculation and skin tone, has a preventive effect against cellulite.

Where can I buy body butter

The main advantages of the product are that it is economically consumed and suitable for all skin types. If you want to forget about dryness and flaking forever, body butter with a natural composition is ideal for you. It is enough to apply the product once on the skin to fall in love with it forever!

You can buy moisturizing body butter in our online store of natural cosmetics Lantale. Among the range of goods only the best and proven brands. We provide detailed information about each product and its composition so that you are satisfied with your purchase.