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Scrub and peeling for the scalp

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Scrubs and peelings for the scalp - the key to your beauty.

The scalp is like the foundation of a home. A strong foundation is a solid home. Healthy scalp means gorgeous, radiant hair.

Peeling and scrub of the scalp is a useful prevention of various problems associated with hair. Their key task is to deeply cleanse the scalp of keratinized scales, sebum and cosmetics that collect on the hair and skin.

Exfoliation of scales during scrubbing initiates cell turnover, stimulating skin cell regeneration and skin tone. Skin regeneration is accelerated only with periodic deep cleansing with a scrub and hair peeling, which you can buy in our online store.

Subsequently, the peeling or scrubbing procedure significantly improves the blood circulation of the scalp and the hair follicles “wake up”. Receiving oxygen and all kinds of useful substances, they begin to fully nourish the curls, which eventually heal, become strong and graceful.

Peelings and scrubs of the scalp are an indispensable part of caring for it, especially if there is a dandruff problem.

With the help of peels and scrubs, you can achieve the following effects:

- removal of impurities and excess keratinized skin;
- stimulation of blood circulation;
- prevention of dandruff;
- nutrition of the skin with microelements.

Secrets of use

In order to achieve the desired effect from scrub and peeling, you need to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Active substances in a small amount are applied to the scalp before or after washing, and then massaged for several minutes. It remains only to wash off the product with warm water. Apply no more than twice a month.

Where to buy a natural scrub and peeling for the scalp

It is important to remember that scalp care products do not replace shampoos. Peelings are carried out before or after shampooing, as an additional care. You can buy scrubs and peels for the scalp in the Lantale online store. With us you will be able to profitably buy the products you need, and constant discounts will be a nice bonus.