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Hair sprays

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Hair spray: what is it

Even owners of thick and naturally strong hair sometimes want to add a little shine to their curls and provide additional protection from an aggressive environment. Then a weightless and non-washing product comes to the aid of the girls: a tinting and caring hair spray, which you can buy in our online store.

The price of a hair spray is available to any girl, unlike salon procedures. Also, this spray can be taken with you in your purse and used as needed.

Purpose of hair sprays

One of the most popular to use is the detangling spray. Also common are sprays:

  • for hair growth,
  • for volume,
  • for shine,
  • for easy combing
  • for straightening
  • for thermal protection
  • for styling.

How to apply hair styling and repair spray

The procedure for using this product can become your favorite part of self-care, because it does not require much effort, and the unobtrusive aromas of perfumed sprays give a feeling of freshness and set in a positive way. But there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • do not apply keratin products before styling with hot tools. The specific aroma after curling or ironing will remain with you for at least another half an hour;
  • before spraying, smooth the curls with water or hydrolate - this way the styling will be preserved better;
  • use the spray along the entire length: from the roots to the tips - additional nutrition and protection are needed throughout the rod.

Buy hair spray in Ukraine

You can buy hair spray at affordable prices in the online store of natural cosmetics Lantale. On the pages of our website, you can choose and buy natural hair spray and other types of care products. The advantages of buying goods in our store is that we offer delivery throughout Ukraine, our prices are affordable for everyone, and the user-friendly interface of the site will simplify the choice of goods.