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Body milk

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How to choose body milk

Body care includes several successive stages: cleansing, scrubbing or peeling, moisturizing. The last of these stages is especially pleasant to carry out using a moisturizing body milk.

What are the differences between moisturizing milk and body care products in other formats (creams, butters):

1. Light melting texture and soft application.
2. Pronounced moisturizing properties due to the higher water content in the composition (in comparison with the denser, sometimes oily, textures of creams and butters for the skin of the body).

Benefits of using body milk

Unlike lotions and creams, body milk is quickly absorbed and does not leave a sticky residue on the skin, while being in no way inferior to its relatives on the cosmetic shelf, and sometimes even surpassing them in useful caring properties.

As a rule, the volume of the package of body milk is larger than that of products with other, less light textures. The milk will please its owners for a long time, be spent sparingly and improve the quality of your skin due to its cumulative effect.

Which body milk to buy

Body milk can have both moisturizing and nourishing effects. The first of the options is ideal for hot summers and climates with high humidity, the second will become your indispensable assistant in winter conditions and active heating of residential premises. It is also helpful to alternate moisturizing and nourishing body milk to meet the needs of your skin as much as possible.

What are the benefits of body milk?

1. Eliminates dryness and tightness of the skin. After taking water procedures in hard tap water, moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the body is simply necessary.
2. Protects the skin from harmful environmental factors. In particular, the milky formulation may contain effective sunscreens.
3. Gives a feeling of well-groomed, velvety skin with minimal time and effort on your part.

Where to buy body milk in Ukraine

Caring body milk can also be regenerating, sunscreen, self-tanning and shimmering, modeling. In our online store you can find a wide selection of different products, you can also buy almond body milk from us.

According to the type of application, there are types of body milk:

1. Milk for normal skin
2. Milk for dry skin
3. Milk for sensitive and allergy-prone skin

Buying body milk in the online store of natural cosmetics Lantale is the right decision, because we provide complete information about the product and its composition and always offer discounts and promotional offers for your profitable purchases.