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Hydrophilic oils

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Hydrophilic oil for facial cleansing
Asian cosmetic companies have brought a lot of interesting beauty innovations to the world. They helped women find new, unique and most effective products to take care of beauty, health and youthful skin. One of them is a hydrophilic face wash.

What is organic hydrophilic oil
This product is designed to care for the skin, it deeply and efficiently cleanses the pores, does not create a sticky film on the surface of the skin, and inhibits the release of sebum. The composition of the product is completely natural - it does not contain artificially created components. Hydrophilic face oil is a combination of natural oils, emulsifier and water. The texture of the product is creamy, light, it provides deep penetration of active substances into the cells of the dermis and effective removal of all types of contaminants.

Why you need makeup remover oil
You can buy hydrophilic facial oil for various purposes. This product helps:

  • high-quality make-up removal - the product penetrates into the pores of the skin and "pulls out" the remains of decorative cosmetics and care products, along with other types of pollution, sweat, dust, etc.
  • provide high-quality care - natural ingredients included in the formula moisturize and nourish the epidermis, relieve inflammation, prevent skin aging (depending on the composition, there may be different properties).

You can also buy a hydrophilic makeup remover oil for use as a shampoo, shower gel, and intimate hygiene products. Don't forget to rinse it off with plenty of water.

What to buy natural hydrophilic oil for washing
Products from different manufacturers or for different purposes may contain different ingredients, but all the formulas of cosmetic products such as facial cleansing oil are based on three basic foundations:

  • natural oil or complex - it occupies an average of 90% of the total volume;
  • emulsifier - ensures the transformation of the oily texture into a creamy milk;
  • additional components for care.

The third point may vary depending on the purpose of the remedy. These can be components that work on hydration, nutrition, restoration, lifting. The manufacturer can saturate the product with vitamins, minerals, fruit acids, extracts.

Choose organic or natural formulas. They do not contain any synthetic component, they do not cause an allergic reaction and are safe. But only under the condition of proper selection and use.

How facial oil works
This type of cosmetics can be used to care for all skin types. This universal product helps to moisturize combined integuments, dry - to get rid of peeling and fill with useful substances, for aging skin - to give a slowdown in the aging process, for oily - to narrow pores and minimize the amount of contaminants that get into them. For effective use, a few drops of the product are enough, so even a small bottle will definitely last you for a long time.

How to use hydrophilic facial oil?
In order to help the skin, and not harm it, you should strictly adhere to the instructions for the use of cosmetics. Oil for removing stubborn makeup and other impurities is applied with clean and dry hands. Apply 2-3 drops of the product to the palm of your hand and rub them. Spread over the face with gentle massage movements, paying special attention to problem areas. Wet your hands and continue the massage, turning the texture into a milky milk that has absorbed all the impurities. Rinse off the foam with water, you can use cotton pads to remove the product. Wash your face with your favorite cleanser.

How to choose a hydrophilic oil - Lantale online store invites you to your catalog
Hydrophilic oil can be bought in Kyiv in a fairly wide range of options. Many of them are made in Korea - the homeland of this popular product. But in recent years, European brands have also created a lot of interesting products with active formulas. When choosing a manufacturer, make sure of its good reputation and study product reviews. Do not save - too low a price may be a sign of low-quality cosmetics. But even among eco-products there are affordable solutions - make sure of this by visiting the online catalog of Lantale.

It is important to buy makeup remover oil according to your skin type. For the dry type, products based on coconut, jojoba, avocado and other raw materials rich in useful substances are ideal. For a sensitive and damaged type, choose a product from grape seeds, almonds, and for thin covers - for deep cleansing.

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