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Hand care products

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Hand care - moisturizing, nourishing and protecting against skin aging
Hands are constantly in contact with household chemicals, amenable to the negative influence of the environment, are in the cold or heat, in direct sunlight. They need special care, and hand care cosmetics will help with this.

Effective hand treatment
Hand cosmetics are different from conventional cosmetic preparations, even if at first glance it seems that the composition is very similar. For example, silicones or wax are not suitable for the face, but for the hands - this is ideal. It is best to use hand care products that contain natural ingredients. Organic substances do not cause allergies, nourish and moisturize, have a positive effect on the skin. Shea butter, vitamins, urea, and other natural ingredients smooth, nourish the skin, provide the necessary level of hydration, slow down the aging process, and also protect against free radicals and create a protective film on the surface.

There are different types of hand care products, each of which performs its functions and is aimed at solving certain problems. A common misconception is that it is enough to use the cream at night - and then the skin will remain young and beautiful longer, but this is not at all the case. Even complex creams will not provide full protection, so it is recommended to use several special cosmetic products for hand skin care:

  • Since hands are constantly exposed to household chemicals, soaps that are not suitable for delicate skin, it is better to replace soap with liquid gel or special cleansers designed for dry skin.
  • From time to time, you need to carry out deep cleansing with products for the skin of the hands, for which a scrub is perfect. Small abrasive particles stimulate blood circulation, remove dead skin cells that can clog pores and cause deterioration in appearance.
  • Moisturizing cream should be used regularly - in the morning, afternoon and before bedtime. This tool helps to prolong the youthfulness of the skin of the hands, contains additional protective components, vitamins and minerals. The cream can be combined with nourishing, revitalizing or anti-aging hand products.
  • Sometimes you can make a hand mask. Intense nutrition and hydration is especially useful if there is skin damage, such as peeling or cracking as a result of exposure to cold.
  • Cosmetics for hand care for nails and cuticles contain calcium and essential oils, which strengthen the nail plate, make the appearance more well-groomed.

Buy hand care - natural cosmetics at an affordable price
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