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Natural soap

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Body soap - a universal remedy

The history of soap began in Ancient Greece 6 thousand years ago. The need for cleanliness and body care has been at all times, so cleansers were in high demand even among our ancestors.

Soap is the most popular product in the category of hygienic cosmetics. It is universal: you can wash your hands and body with it, wash things, and recently soap is even used for styling eyebrows!

Now there is such a large assortment, choosing and buying soap in the store is a whole adventure: eyes run wide, everyone likes smells, rarely anyone succeeds in choosing one product. Traditionally, these types of soap are distinguished:

  • Natural soap. It has an organic composition (natural vegetable and essential oils, natural additives), does not cause allergic reactions and irritations.
  • Antibacterial soap. Perfectly cleanses the skin and kills germs.
  • Perfume soap. In addition to cleansing, it gives the skin a pleasant fragrance for a long time.
  • Medical soap. It contains natural ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Most often it is intended as a care for the face and décolleté: it treats rashes, dermatitis, and has a preventive effect on psoriasis and eczema.
  • Liquid soap. Perfectly cleanses the skin of impurities without overdrying it.

How to choose body soap

Our Lantale online store specializes in natural cosmetics, so you can buy cream soap with a good composition or liquid body soap at a nice price from us.

The choice of soap should be approached more carefully, avoid parabens, sulfates and synthetic fragrances in the composition. They can lead to allergic reactions and cracks in the skin, and it will be very difficult to eliminate such consequences without the help of a dermatologist. In our online store of natural cosmetics Lantale only high-quality products with an organic composition. Each product has a detailed description, so you can buy exactly the soap you want: by smell, characteristics, color. Choose what you like, and we will promptly deliver to any location in Ukraine.