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Salt body scrub

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An effective salt body scrub

Body skin care begins with cleansing and ends with moisturizing. From one to three times a week (depending on skin type), it is advisable to scrub the body between these two stages. It is great if the products have a natural and skin-friendly composition. Soft peeling at home is easy to do with a scrub with natural minerals.

A beauty elixir for the skin of your body with a thousand-year history is a salt scrub, it was used by the ancient Egyptians. Body salt scrub is not only a pleasant procedure, but also a useful care product. You can buy a natural salt body scrub in our Lantale online store.

Salt Body Scrub Features

What is the use of body salt and cosmetics based on it?

1. Enriches the skin with beneficial minerals, macro- and microelements.

2. Gently removes dead skin cells and thereby stimulates tissue regeneration.

3. Slightly brightens the skin due to the natural peeling effect.

4. Improves lymphatic drainage, helps reduce swelling, evens out the skin structure.

5. Smoothes out small skin imperfections, gives a feeling of velvety and well-groomed.

6. Increases tissue elasticity.

7. Promotes higher absorption of nutrients from creams applied after the scrub procedure.

To get the most out of your scrub, take a warm bath or shower before cleansing your skin with a mild cleanser. Further, when the skin is well steamed, you can proceed directly to peeling. Massage into skin with gentle circular motions. In addition to the fact that salt scrub is a very useful independent procedure, it also prepares the skin for the subsequent paraffin therapy procedure (for arms, legs, elbows). Salt massage also prepares the skin for the application of a moisturizing or nourishing cream. Dead cells are previously removed, which means that beneficial substances directly penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Salt body scrub - effective care

The composition of salt scrubs is often enriched with essential oils, plant extracts, which only enhance the relaxing and caring effect of the procedure. For the best effect, choose products for cleansing, salt scrubbing with natural minerals, moisturizing or nourishing the skin of the same manufacturer and series.

Buying a body scrub in the online store of natural cosmetics Lantale is the right decision, because we provide complete information about the product and its composition and always offer discounts and promotional offers for your profitable purchases.