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Bath foam

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Relaxing & caring bubble bath

Bath foam first appeared in the 1930s, and today it has become a familiar product for use by almost every woman and many men. At first, bath foam was made from ordinary soap, but with the advent of new generation surfactants, the ritual of taking a bubble bath has become even more useful and enjoyable. Initially, such a hygiene product as bath foam was intended for children as a means for bathing. Then the bath foam "moved" into the arsenal of care products for both the beautiful and the strong half of humanity.

Manufacturers produce bath foam both in liquid (cream, gel) form and in solid form (bombs, powders, tablets, grains). Modern bath foams contain components that care for and soften the skin, essential and base oils, plant extracts, sea minerals. After taking baths with foam, the skin is smoother, moisturized, radiant, softened. Bath foam perfectly copes with the negative impact of hard tap water on the skin of the body, prevents dry skin and flaking. It's the perfect addition to the basic skin care routine for busy people - you just lie in the bath while the bubble bath takes care of your skin. Steamed skin pores facilitate the penetration of nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin.

Bath foam is now available in the form of bubbling bubble bath, bath pearls, bath veil, solid or classic liquid bubble bath.

Bath foam not only gives pleasant sensations during water procedures, but also contributes to easier weight loss, improves tissue lymphatic drainage. Bath foam is also a magical fragrance that envelops the room where you take a bath. The essential oils or fragrances of natural origin included in the composition will not leave anyone indifferent. Taking baths with foam provides a deep relaxation effect, relieves fatigue after a hard day's work, and prepares your body for a restful and restful sleep. For people who suffer from insomnia, taking a fragrant bubble bath before bed is a great natural alternative to insomnia remedies.

How to use bubble bath

Take a bath for 15-20 minutes or until the moment when the water procedure is pleasant and comfortable for you. To achieve a lasting effect of relaxation or for the purpose of losing weight, take baths in courses of 10 sessions every other day.

Bath foam can also become an attribute of an unforgettable romantic evening. Light an aroma lamp or candles, take a bath, add bath foam to the water, and a wonderful pastime in a calm, relaxing environment will provide unforgettable emotions.

How to choose the right bubble bath

When choosing a bath foam, pay attention not only to the format of the product (liquid or dry), but also to the composition and naturalness of the ingredients. Choose formulas with essential oils for a relaxing effect, formulations with base oils for a caring result. The additional presence of sea salt in the composition will saturate the skin with such necessary natural minerals.

Any format of a product such as bath foam requires prior dissolution in water. Immerse yourself in the bath when the product is mixed with water.

Buying bath foam in the online store of natural cosmetics Lantale is the right decision, because we provide complete information about the product and its composition and always offer discounts and promotional offers for your profitable purchases.