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Perfumed water

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Perfumery water - the final touch of the image

Eau de parfum is a special accent for everyone, and it says a lot about the personality. If you want to leave a pleasant, fragrant trail, choose a fragrance that tells people more about you than your clothes. Just a few drops of perfume on your wrist will cheer you up for the whole day.

Women's and men's eau de parfum ranks second in terms of concentration. Lasts about a day on hair and skin and up to 40 hours in clothes. Given the special saturation of perfume water, stylists recommend using it for special occasions. If you want to use a similar composition to create regular looks, you need to apply a minimum amount of composition.

How to order eau de parfum in the Lantale online store

If you prefer not to waste time and buy cosmetics online, we invite you to the Lantale catalog - a store where the best natural cosmetics are collected. For our clients - comfortable conditions for cooperation, the most convenient website interface, free assistance of consultants when choosing products, affordable cost and delivery both in Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine. To order, just fill out the form on the website and we will contact you to agree on the details.