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Natural cosmetics in Ukraine

High-quality cosmetics from natural ingredients: buy conveniently

Cosmetic products have firmly entered the life of modern man. It helps to preserve the youthfulness of the skin, hair, body, improve their condition, take care of health. But only if you buy good quality biocosmetics. Products containing questionable ingredients and products of synthetic origin may behave unpredictably when used. Protect yourself from unpleasant surprises - the online store of natural cosmetics in Kyiv invites you to visit the Lantale catalog and choose products that are safe and effective in their action.

Lantale - online store of natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics for body, face and hair care is the main direction of our activity. We have collected the best offers from manufacturers from all over the world, developed a convenient product search system, organized free help from consultants who know everything about our products.

The online store of organic cosmetics in Kyiv is an opportunity to purchase all the complex you need to maintain the health, beauty and youth of the skin, hair, arms, legs. We also sell perfumery - natural natural cosmetics will give not only a magical aroma, but also carefully take care of your health.

What products can be found on the site? If you are interested in high-quality natural cosmetics, the Lantal catalog will definitely be a relevant place for its search and selection.

Why choose our online store as a platform for buying beauty products? We have collected products from the best world brands on one site, we guarantee its quality and originality. You can use the position comparison function, get a free consultation from specialists, become a member of the loyalty program for our customers. We do not impose additional services, we provide the opportunity to make simple and understandable shopping on favorable terms for you. We are constantly expanding the range, include promotions and provide pleasant discounts. We carefully monitor all deadlines, post honest consumer reviews. Buy comfortably.

Lantale - cosmetics made from natural ingredients in assortment

Natural herbal cosmetics have become extremely popular in recent years. Its effectiveness and safety attract many consumers who opt for naturalness and the absence of harmful components. Natural care cosmetics - one in which the percentage of natural ingredients is at least 95%. But not every gift of nature can be used to introduce funds into formulas. They contain only those ingredients that are included in the lists approved by certification organizations. Natural eco cosmetics cannot contain artificial flavors and dyes, products of animal origin, parabens, paraffins and petrolatums, silicones, genetically modified raw materials, substances that form formaldehydes, SLS, SLES.

If you are interested in organic cosmetics, its price will be higher, because it cannot contain even 1% of artificial ingredients. These are 100% natural cosmetics - the Lantale online store offers customers such products in a fairly wide variety.;

What can be found on the site? We have created several large product categories:

  • body care;
  • facial care products;
  • men's collection;
  • children's products;
  • tool kits;
  • accessories;
  • perfumery;
  • antiseptics.

Each of the groups has a large list of offers, making it easy to find exactly the set of care products that you need. So, for children, you can buy bath products and toothpastes, shampoos and gels, creams, tonics, milk, oils and many other useful and safe solutions. All of them are hypoallergenic and suitable for the skin of babies.

The collection of men's products also includes shaving products. The assortment for women pleasantly surprises with its variety and makes it possible to choose care for owners of different types of skin, hair, with different preferences and wishes.

The site of natural cosmetics is as convenient as possible

The online store of natural cosmetics has been created for your convenience. There is no need to waste time traveling around the city and visiting markets, looking for the necessary goods on the shelves for a long time, standing in lines. Buy comfortably.

Given the variety of positions in the catalog, we have added a product comparison function. It can be carried out according to such criteria as:

  • purpose;
  • type of skin or hair;
  • age;
  • method of use;
  • compound;
  • brand and country of origin;
  • volume or weight;
  • price.

You will see the characteristics of all the positions you are interested in and easily compare them with each other. So it will be much easier to choose the best products. If you still have questions or doubts, please contact us for professional assistance from store consultants.

When studying the composition of the product, you may encounter a large number of unfamiliar names. What is this ingredient? What is it for? How does it work in combination with other components of the formula? It is not necessary to look for answers to questions on the Internet. We have created a handy guide that includes a detailed description of all the substances used in the production of beauty products. In product cards, these names are clickable - just click on an unknown word and go to the glossary of terms, where you can learn all the useful information about the components.

Online store of ecological cosmetics offers to order products online
Ecological cosmetics in Kyiv is becoming more and more popular every year. And this fact is easily explained - such care products do not harm the body and provide the most noticeable and prolonged result in time.

In our market you can place an online order with delivery throughout Ukraine. If you need bio cosmetics in Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv or any other locality - fill out an application on the website, indicate the place of delivery and we will send the ordered goods immediately after processing the application and collecting the order.

Also, since 2020, we have been shipping international orders of natural cosmetics to many countries around the world. Thanks to this, thousands of customers around the world got acquainted with Ukrainian natural cosmetics and the convenience of buying in our store.

Buying cosmetics with Lantale is profitable and convenient!

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