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Natural deodorants

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Body deodorant with mineral elements

Every person wants to smell pleasant, even in ancient times, perfumes were used to mask unpleasant odors. It is generally accepted that perspiration is to blame for unwanted body odor. In fact, this is not entirely true: sweat itself does not have a distinct odor. The characteristic odor is produced when bacteria living on human skin mixes with sweat. But do not worry, progress does not stand still, and now in the market for odor products, everyone will find the right one. In our online store you can buy natural mineral deodorant.

Deodorants in their usual form have been known to mankind relatively recently - since the 1960s, but have already become an integral part of the life of both women and men. And this is understandable: body care should include not only cleansing and moisturizing, but also the elimination of an unpleasant odor or its masking. The action of deodorants is to absorb odors and prevent the growth of bacteria due to their bactericidal and disinfectant properties.

Types of deodorants for women

1. Antiperspirants, the mechanism of action of which is to close the sweat glands, due to which sweating is blocked, and with it an unpleasant odor. Deodorant-antiperspirant should be applied to pre-cleansed skin once a day before bedtime and only on the armpit area.

2. Roll-on and roll-on deodorants, which are certainly among the leaders in terms of convenience and ease of use. Apply - and order! Roll-on deodorant forms a thin film on the skin, which must be allowed to dry. Usually this type of deodorant has a very pleasant smell.

3. Spray deodorants, unlike ball and roller deodorants, do not require you to wait (absorbed by the skin instantly) and are suitable even for sensitive skin types.

4. Creamy deodorants gently treat your skin with texture and rich ingredients. As a rule, they are absorbed by the skin faster than balls and rollers, and application is a real ritual of caring for your skin.
5. Natural deodorants are hypoallergenic, do not leave marks on clothes and are suitable even for the most demanding connoisseurs of eco-friendly products.

Where to buy natural deodorant

Any type of deodorant that you can choose from the Lantal online store is of the highest quality. Buying a deodorant in the online store of natural cosmetics Lantale is the right decision, because we provide complete information about the product and its composition and are always ready to help if you find it difficult to choose.