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Coffee body scrub

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Useful properties of coffee scrub

Coffee body scrub has an anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage, smoothing, exfoliating effect. Among all mechanical peels, this one is perhaps one of the most effective in body skin care, while being the most natural in its composition.

The health benefits of coffee have been known for a long time. Coffee is not only a tasty and healthy drink loved by many. Its antioxidant properties are not only beneficial when taken as a drink, but also externally for skin scrubbing. In addition to mechanical exfoliation of dead skin cells, a coffee scrub takes care of your youth and beauty at the same time.

Many girls used to use coffee grounds after drinking coffee for a gentle, but at the same time gentle coffee scrub. Today, it makes no sense to dilute a messy mixture of used coffee with water (soap, oil, shower gel, etc.), since now you can buy a coffee body scrub with additional natural oils. Manufacturers of coffee scrubs have already managed to take care not only of the optimal ratio of ingredients for the health and beauty of the skin of your body, but also of the safety of their use in a modern bathroom.

How to use a coffee body scrub
In combination with sports and proper nutrition, the use of coffee as a scrub has a simply stunning effect: the skin is visually tightened, its quality improves, the skin tone gently changes to a lighter one.

Of the restrictions on the use of coffee scrub, remember one thing: do not use the product immediately before and after sunbathing. Exfoliating with a coffee scrub is really great for pre-tanning and for smoother bronzer application, but it's best to exfoliate a few days before going to the beach, tanning bed, or even a fake tan.

Skin cleansing steps with a coffee scrub

  1. Steam your skin before showering or bathing with warm water. It is also possible to use a coffee body scrub when visiting a bath or sauna, the peeling effect will be even more noticeable after deep steaming of the skin.
  2. Apply the coffee scrub to the skin of the body with gentle circular massaging movements and from the bottom up when applying on the legs and arms.
  3. After a gentle massage using a coffee scrub, rinse off the product with a natural washcloth and warm water.
  4. Finish your coffee exfoliation with a light moisturizer or milk.

How often can you scrub your body with a coffee scrub?

Apply coffee exfoliation one to three times a week. Let the skin "rest" from the coffee scrub procedure at least with a break of one day. For an effective fight against cellulite, it is desirable to use a coffee scrub in courses.

In addition to all the useful properties of coffee scrubs, the use of this body care product will give you aesthetic pleasure, one smell of coffee scrub during the procedure is worth a lot! Once you've tried a coffee scrub, you'll want to make it part of your basic skincare routine. An obstacle to the use of this remedy can only be an individual intolerance to coffee.

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