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Foams for washing

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Cleansing foam with natural composition
Washing is an essential step in the daily beauty ritual. It helps to get rid of facial impurities, remove makeup, give the skin a fresh look, and prevent the occurrence of various dermatological ailments. It is a mistake to believe that you can only wash with water or soap. We offer to buy facial foam - a gentle and effective remedy for combating all types of pollution.

Why should you buy a face wash
Natural facial foam is a practical and safe solution for skin care. Products attract with soft texture, their ability to retain the lipid barrier, retain moisture in the skin structures and provide softness and tenderness of the epidermis.

Skin cleansing foam is best for make-up removal. Such a product can be used several times a day as needed without the risk of harming the skin. You will not overdry the skin, and at the same time - effectively clean it from make-up, dust, sweat, sebum.

Facial cleansing foam: how to choose the best option
It is important to understand that each person has their own individual characteristics, including differences in the type and characteristics of the skin. It is not necessary that the product that suits a friend or sister will suit you. The cleansing foam for washing should be selected taking into account these factors.

If you have oily or combination skin, a cleansing facial foam with green tea extract will suit you. This component well removes excess sebum and helps to minimize the risk of comedones.

Foam for cleansing the face with a dry type of skin will be ideal with a completely organic composition. It should not contain foreign substances of artificial origin, silicones, parabens, surfactants, petrochemicals, etc. Avoid synthetic fragrances and fragrances - they dry the skin. An excellent choice is products based on hyaluronic acid or phospholipids. It will get rid of impurities, and provide deep hydration.

Foaming face wash may be designed specifically for sensitive skin. It can be used on the delicate area around the eyes. It removes even waterproof cosmetics, while carefully taking care of the skin.

Moisturizing facial wash is a good solution for owners of the epidermis of all types. It will help keep the skin clean, fresh, well-groomed at any time of the year.

It is very easy to use the tool - it will not create any difficulties:

  • remove a small amount of the product from the package and spread over the face;
  • massage the skin with gentle movements and wash off the foam with warm water;
  • Use a cotton pad to remove eye makeup.

After using the product, be sure to wash with warm water and pat your skin dry with a clean, soft towel. Use your favorite cream.

Foams for washing can be bought very different
If you need a high-quality and effective face wash, you should buy a natural product. It contains only natural ingredients, no harmful or questionable ingredients. Such a cosmetic product does not have a negative effect on the skin and does not cause allergies (except when there is an individual reaction to any component). What cosmetics to order? Choose according to your skin type. In the range of beauty products of different brands there are products with different compositions and purposes:

  • to obtain an anti-aging effect, use cleansers with snail mucin or placenta;
  • for skin turgor, choose a product with hyaluronic acid and natural oils;
  • if the skin is problematic, products with zinc and salicylic acid are suitable.
  • It will not be difficult to choose compositions to lighten pigmentation, even out the tone of the face and solve other problems.

How to buy a quality washbasin
The catalog of the online store Lantale presents a wide selection of foam products. You can choose a position by cost - there are offers at different prices, as well as - focusing on such characteristics as composition, bottle volume, purpose. Consider your skin type, existing dermatological problems, your goals and expectations for the use of products. Store consultants will provide all the necessary information and help you make the best decision. You can easily place an order online or by contacting us by phone. Delivery is organized in Kyiv and other settlements of Ukraine.

Cleansing is the first and one of the most important steps in skincare. It helps to rid the skin of all types of pollution, open access to air, promotes the renewal of epidermal cells. Use functional beauty products that not only “wash”, but also saturate with moisture, vitamins, energy, and health.