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Facial tonics and lotions

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Lotion and tonic for the face in the Lantale online store
Cleansing, toning, moisturizing - these procedures are the basis of effective skin care. At the first stage, various cleansers are usually used, at the last - day and night creams. Which cosmetic products to choose between these products? Let's consider the solutions in more detail.

Natural facial tonic: what is it?
One of the popular options is a tonic cleanser. This is an effective tonic that removes signs of fatigue, removes the remnants of decorative cosmetics and other impurities, and refreshes the skin. Why do you need a facial toner? Is it mandatory to use it?

Natural facial tonics are products that contain only ingredients of natural origin. It does not contain components harmful or potentially dangerous to the body, artificial fragrances and dyes.

Facial tonic can be bought in Kyiv in different formulations and with different purposes. But all funds from this category have similar features:

  • products neutralize the effect of water on the skin;
  • serves to restore the natural water balance;
  • helps to get rid of irritations and redness;
  • has an antiseptic and antioxidant effect;
  • helps to slow down the aging process;
  • removes residual impurities.

Tonic is applied from the center of the face to the contour. You can drive the product with your fingertips - so it will start working faster.

Why you should buy face lotion
Another popular skin care solution is facial skin lotion. How is it different from a tonic? First of all - purpose and properties. The lotion is mainly used to cleanse the skin of the face and does not perform additional functions. Products in their properties are more similar to make-up remover milk. Use it immediately after washing, it serves as a lotion to cleanse the face of those impurities that could not be removed at the first stage of care. Tonic compositions are used after - immediately before moisturizing.

How else can you use face wash lotion? Organic variants of these products are actively used to solve such dermatological problems as:

  • fight against acne and rashes;
  • lightening pigmentation;
  • skin nutrition;
  • removal of surfactant residues;
  • preparing the skin for the application of serums and fluids.

Facial cleansing lotion helps to solve the most important problem - it eliminates all types of pollution, even those that foams, gels or other "washers" could not cope with. Natural face lotion does not contain alcohol, so it does not have a drying effect on the epidermis, does not create soil for the occurrence of peeling, redness. This is a high-quality modern solution to many dermatological problems.

What is better to choose?
Which product is best for skin care? Think carefully about what effect you expect to get. Tonic helps to complete the cleansing phase, it serves to prepare for further care, helps to enhance the effect of subsequent products. The task of the lotion is to remove the remnants of makeup, dust, fat, prepare the skin for toning and moisturizing.

Should I give up one of the funds? It all depends on the individual characteristics of the epidermis. If for washing you use a product that can fully cope with the task assigned to it, it is not at all necessary to use lotion. But toning is definitely not worth giving up. Its purpose is not just to nourish and refresh the skin, but also to even out the water balance, which will be disturbed after washing with tap water. Therefore, it is not superfluous to choose both products and use them sequentially in the order of lotion-tonic.

How to order a cleansing facial lotion and natural tonics in Kyiv
In Ukraine, you can order the delivery of natural cosmetics. Take advantage of the interesting offer of the Lantale online store - we suggest that you choose the product that best suits your needs in terms of composition and cost in our catalog, place an online purchase, and receive products at a convenient postal service department in your locality. The site presents a wide range of cosmetic products in different categories, which allows you to choose a product both by price and by properties. If necessary, our consultants will provide additional information and help you make the best choice.