Lantale - the best brands of cosmetics on one site

Many brands of natural cosmetics have appeared on the Ukrainian market, which are worthy of your attention. But, as a rule, they are sold only on the websites of manufacturers. And in order to replenish stocks of natural cosmetics, you need to place orders in different places. Agree, not very convenient.

With the advent of the Lantale online store, natural cosmetics in Ukraine have become more accessible, and online shopping has become more convenient. We have collected the best brands of natural and organic cosmetics from those that are represented on the domestic market. With us, you save two valuable resources at once: time for searching for products and money for delivery.

We have a wide range of cosmetic products and affordable prices for it. The site also contains detailed compositions and customer reviews to make it easier for you to make a decision.

Product comparison: for maximum customer satisfaction

Sometimes it is difficult to choose the right cream or shampoo from hundreds of offers. One has a lower price, while the other has a better composition. So you have to leaf through the catalog several times in search of the ideal option. Are you familiar with this problem? We've already solved it by adding the super-useful "Compare products" option. You just need to click on the products you like, and then compare them according to the following important parameters:

• Purpose

• Mode of application

• Type of skin and hair

• Active ingredients

• Age category

• Compound

• Brand

• Producing country

• Volume

• Price

Having a detailed plate in front of your eyes, it will be much easier to make the right choice.

We will tell you all about the composition of cosmetics

Have you ever had this: you read the composition of cosmetics and do not know half of the components? And after all, the more unfamiliar words in the composition, the more suspicious the product seems, right? We foresaw this and made a lineup guide on the site. With it, you will become a real expert in the matter of cosmetics, because for each product there is a decoding of the components in the composition.

In addition to the name, the effect on the skin or hair, the origin of the ingredient, and even its harm to the body, if any, are indicated. Yes, yes, we tell the whole truth so that your choice is as conscious as possible, and most importantly, so that cosmetics bring you only benefit. This is the priority of our online store.

Advantages of the site

Your order is ready to ship

So far, technology does not allow you to download cosmetics from the Internet. But do not worry, because we have organized the fastest delivery for you. Orders are sent every day and even on Sunday so that you can try a new cream or mask sooner.

Impeccable quality at a nice price

Our company works directly with manufacturers, so the price for Lantale online store customers is the most favorable on the market. In addition, direct cooperation guarantees high quality, authenticity of products and excellent shelf life.

Your time is worth its weight in gold

We have done everything possible so that you get maximum comfort and spend a minimum of time when placing an order. To do this, the site has detailed information about products, methods of payment and delivery. Applications are accepted automatically without manager intervention. Robots inform about the receipt of the application and its sending, and also report the TTN number. No calls asking for data, no additional sales by phone and the imposition of promotions. Everything is fast, clear and convenient.

We have studied the needs of customers, their problems and desires. We have put ourselves in the shoes of the customers. We tried to take into account absolutely everything with one goal - to make natural cosmetics popular, recognizable and accessible to women from all over Ukraine. Because they deserve only the best.

Taking care of your beauty is easy with Lantale!