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Solid Shampoos

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How to choose a solid natural shampoo

The solid version of the hair wash is a kind of intermediate option between traditional shampoos and soaps. It is produced in the form of small rectangular bars or discs.

There is no liquid at all in them, and the amount of natural oils that provide the hair with the necessary care is almost off scale. For aromatization, not synthetic fragrances are used, but all kinds of essential oils.

The cleaning process is carried out by an alkaline solution traditional for soap or a mild surfactant - coco sulfate, made from coconut oil.

How to use solid shampoo

The tool is easy to use. Wet the bar and run it through wet hair. After the formation of foam, massage a little and rinse. A second wash is not required. After that, we use the usual conditioner or balm. It is fundamentally true to protect this tool so that moisture does not get into it.

Where to buy natural solid shampoo

In the Lantale online store, the price of solid shampoo is not high. Each presented product guarantees economical consumption, high cleaning effect and gentle care. You can buy solid shampoos in Ukraine on our website.