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Neck and décolleté care

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Cosmetics for the neckline
The collar area of ​​a woman's body attracts no less attention than the face or hands. But she also requires no less care, because every woman wants to look young and well-groomed, and the skin on these parts of the body is very sensitive to various kinds of influences. Decollete and neck care should be carried out regularly, combining physical activity with the use of properly selected cosmetics.

What attention does the decollete area need - care should be daily and aimed at solving existing problems and preventing the emergence of new ones. The main difficulty that you have to deal with is the early aging of the skin in the collar zone. Appear:

  • dryness, because in this place there are very few glands that produce a sebaceous secret, while the skin of the neck, which is not cared for, quickly loses moisture;
  • flabbiness, sagging tissues, wrinkles that occur due to poor development of subcutaneous fat and impaired blood circulation;
  • coarsening of the skin, caused by a lack of melanocytes that protect against UV radiation.

Cosmetics for the neck and décolleté should work to solve these problems. Be sure to apply sunscreen, restore the elasticity of the epidermis through regular gymnastics and the use of products for the neck and décolleté with a tightening effect. A complete décolleté and neck care should include moisturizing.

Decollete and neck skin care: basic recommendations and rules
If your goal is beautiful and young décolleté skin, care should be complete and should be started as early as possible. Eliminating the problems of the collar zone is much more difficult than preventing their occurrence. From the age of 25, age-related changes can become noticeable, so take care of your delicate and sensitive skin no less carefully than your face:

  • use special eco cosmetic products for neck skin care - cleansing cosmetics, peelings, moisturizing;
  • intensive care for the skin of the neck and décolleté may include the application of anti-aging creams, lifting products;
  • complex care for the neck and decollete includes cleansing, toning, scrubbing, the use of serums and masks, creams;
  • when applying funds, follow the direction from the bottom up, do not put pressure on the skin;
  • be sure to follow the correct posture, for sleep, choose a pillow that is not too high.

How to take care of the décolleté area at home
Stick to a simple ritual that includes several important steps. To cleanse, use a gentle textured milk that gently removes the remnants of night cream and sebaceous secretions. Treat the skin with a tonic, selected in accordance with the type of skin. Further care for the neck and décolleté area involves applying the cream and distributing it from the chest line upwards. For the warm season, when there is no need to wear scarves and turtleneck sweaters, pick up natural sunscreen cosmetics.

Before going to bed, be sure to cleanse the skin with milk, washing gel or micellar water. Use tonic and night cream. Once a week, be sure to apply a mask and apply peeling.

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