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Micellar water

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Micellar water for facial cleansing
Manufacturers of cosmetic products offer a lot of effective products for quality skin care. They perform different roles and help achieve different results. Do you want to keep your skin young and healthy for a long time? Take care of cleaning it. For this purpose, many brands offer to buy micellar water (it is also easy to buy in Kyiv).

Facial cleansing water has many benefits. This tool allows you to get rid of makeup, even persistent, without any effort. It was invented as a skin care product for babies, but very quickly became of interest to beauty manufacturers. Micellar water, which copes with such impurities as the remnants of creams, powders, mascaras, pencils and other decorative cosmetics, fell in love with the fair sex. It is colorless and does not smell, makes the skin clean, refreshed, healthy after application. Micellar water acts as an independent cleanser, it can not be washed off, it does not leave a tightening sensation on the skin.

What is makeup remover water
You can buy products in different versions. The best solution is micellar water natural. It can be presented in the following forms:

  • without additives, does not foam, does not require rinsing;
  • with herbal extracts and natural fragrance;
  • with foam - requires rinsing.

Micellar water for washing can be made from a different set of components. The very name of the product comes from the main component - micelles (small particles of water-soluble fatty acids). Micelles gently and gently cleanse the skin. The product does not contain alcohol, soap and other ingredients that negatively affect the skin. It does not dry out, does not irritate the epidermis.

In addition to micelles, zinc is included in the formula of the beauty product. It is he who works to eliminate oily gloss and reduce the fat content of the skin. In addition, micellar cleansing water may contain vitamins, oils, extracts, and other ingredients that enhance the effect.

Micellar water with natural composition: how it works on the skin
If you are interested in micellar water for the face, you can buy it for use on all types of skin. It is universal, suitable for removing almost all types of pollution and has a considerable number of advantages:

  • completely safe;
  • soothes and revitalizes the skin;
  • effectively moisturizes;
  • can be used all year round;
  • does not leave sticky marks;
  • does not damage the epidermis.

Such care is indispensable on trips, when traveling, during long-term work. There is no need to carry out complex procedures for removing make-up and refreshing the face. It is enough to use a simple and effective product, designed taking into account the characteristics of different types of skin and current negative factors.

Micellar water for removing eye makeup and washing is not always harmless. Be sure to make sure that there are no artificial components in the composition of the product. They can cause allergic reactions, irritation, inflammation. Synthetic dyes and fragrances lead to tightness and dryness of the skin, its peeling.

Read the instructions carefully before using the product. Find out if it requires rinsing or can be used without rinsing with water afterward.

The products can be used to treat certain dermatological ailments, such as seborrhea, oily seborrhea, acne.

If you need good micellar water - you can buy it online in Kyiv
You can order micellar water in the Lantale online store on favorable terms for you:

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High-quality and inexpensive micellar water (the price is affordable in Kyiv) is the best choice for simple and effective skin care. To order, fill out the form on the website, call us or send a message to the messenger. We will help you choose products in accordance with your wishes and individual skin characteristics, answer all your questions, and provide useful information about the products. Order conveniently and with a guarantee of the quality of each of the offers from Lantal.