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Body care products

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Natural cosmetics for the body

All those who want to keep their skin young and healthy longer make their choice in favor of environmentally friendly hygiene products based on natural ingredients. By refusing to use hygiene products based on synthetic ingredients and active chemicals, you not only prolong the youth and beauty of your skin, but also contribute to maintaining the ecological balance of the planet. It is worth remembering that artificial cosmetics contribute to the accumulation of harmful chemical compounds and elements in the body, which can cause not only allergies, but also many other more dangerous diseases. The natural ingredients that make up eco-cosmetics have a beneficial effect not only on the skin, but also on the body as a whole.

Professional body cosmetics, which you can buy in our online store, are certified or contain certified organic components in their composition, which retain the maximum of useful properties. In our Lantal store, body care cosmetics are presented only from trusted brands that have already proven themselves on the market.

Natural cosmetics for body care

Natural body cosmetics are in demand among girls and women, for whom the composition of cosmetics is very important, as well as the method of their production. Natural body care, over products with a different composition, has several advantages:

Ethics. For adherents of respect for nature and its resources, products with an organic composition are suitable. The products are not tested on animals and contain no ingredients of animal origin.

Efficiency. The active ingredients of natural body cosmetics are oils, minerals, herbal extracts and natural vitamins, the action of which has been proven and tested.

Safety. Natural ingredients do not have a harmful effect on the body. Do not accumulate in the body.

Natural body care: cosmetic products, their use and composition

Body care can be presented in the form of several stages - everything is the same as with the face: cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing.
A few tips for skin care. You should not use facial cosmetics to care for her: you will not get the desired effect - the skin on the body is thicker, and generally has a different cellular structure. Body cosmetics must be applied in a thicker layer than for face care, so that each layer of the skin can receive nutrients.

The section of natural body care products includes products for all stages of care:

● Moisturizing and nourishing creams for the body, hands and feet;

● Shower gels and soaps;

● Scrubs and body peels;

● Oils, lotions, body milk;

● Smoothing, softening and regenerating products;

● Means for the care of intimate areas.

The Lantal website presents a wide selection of natural body care cosmetics with the ability to compare them with each other according to the main and important characteristics.

Composition of body care cosmetics

For the preparation of natural cosmetics for the body, components of natural origin are used:

Water - takes the first place in the composition, instead of it, infusions and plant extracts are also used;

Oils - there are 5 ways to obtain oil while maintaining its beneficial properties;

Herbal extracts - may contain different concentrations of nutrients;

Minerals - awaken the beauty of mature skin, emphasize the youth and freshness of young skin, resume the processes of collagen synthesis and regeneration;

Vitamins - are used as antioxidants and perform protective functions;

Natural compounds: hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, panthenol and others.

More details about the composition of cosmetics in the Ingredients section.

Where to buy body cosmetics

It is easy and convenient to choose body care in the Lantal online store. The most effective skin care for the body provides an integrated approach - from cleanser to skin nutrition, everything should have an organic natural composition.
It is simple, convenient to choose and buy the right body care in the Lantal online store, where there is always the best range of natural body skin care products, product availability and reasonable prices.