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Bath bombs

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Natural bath bombs

Is it really not pleasant to soak in a warm fragrant bath with thick foam after a long and painful day? Such a procedure is a wonderful way to relax and unwind, forgetting about all the dilemmas and troubles. But if you add special bath and shower cosmetics to the water, the admiration and pleasure from the washing process will increase significantly! Thanks to the products presented on this page of the Lantale online store, an ordinary hygiene procedure becomes a real ritual that gives not only gentle skin care, but also a wonderful mood, good health, pleasant impressions, and a boost of energy.

The composition of bath bombs presented in the online store

Bubbling balls will add variety to the usual process of taking a bath. In the water, the bombs begin to boil and hiss. The effect of "seething" is guaranteed thanks to baking soda and sea salt, which are included in the composition. These components also soften hard running water. The composition of bath bombs is enriched with useful vegetable and aromatic oils, among which are grape seed, tea tree, almond, shea. These components are considered natural antioxidants. They moisturize and tone the skin, making it smooth, supple and silky. Therapeutic sea salt will eliminate muscle tension, and also relieve fatigue.

Where can you buy bath bombs

In our online store you can find a variety of products for use in the bathroom, you can buy sets of bath bombs from us and by the piece. Everyone can buy bath bombs, the cost of these funds is quite cheap, and an amazing result from their use and vivid emotions are provided for you.