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Patches under the eyes

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Cosmetic patches for the eye area
The Korean beauty industry has shaken the world more than once with its discoveries. And each time, new items not only cause a one-time stir, but quickly break into the sales leaders and gain popularity in all corners of the world. One such invention is eye patches.

What is this care product? These are a kind of mini masks designed for use in the eyelid area. Most often, products have the outlines of petals or “commas”. They are applied to previously cleansed skin and kept for an average of 20 minutes.

What to order eye patches
Korean cosmetology implies the beginning of anti-aging care from the age of twenty. That is why, in most cases, patches for the skin around the eyes can be bought with such components in formulas as snail mucin, collagen, black pearl - substances that have a pronounced anti-aging effect.

Therefore, before you buy eye patches in Ukraine, carefully read the manufacturer's recommendations. As a rule, the annotation indicates what problem the mask helps to deal with and from what age it is recommended to use it.

The decision to order patches under the eyes will definitely be the right one, because only natural ingredients are used in their development, and such care provides the maximum result of skin care. Eco compositions can be based on both plant extracts familiar to everyone and amazing exotic ingredients:

  • snail mucus extract;
  • snake poison;
  • swallow nests;
  • sapphire powder;
  • pearl dust;
  • gold;
  • mineral ruby ​​powder;
  • agave extract and others.

This organic composition provides an increase in the effectiveness of funds, while the price of eye patches remains affordable.

What is better to buy eye patches in Kyiv? Those who will cope with the tasks assigned to them. There should be no problems with this, because there are cosmetic masks on sale to combat age-related changes, wrinkles, swelling, fatigue, redness. The range of products is really very wide and it should not be difficult to choose the perfect product for each specific case.

How to use the products correctly? They are based on a hydrogel that has a soft, smooth and sticky structure. Thanks to this, the masks perfectly adhere to the skin and do not slip. Cleanse your face, carefully remove the masks from the package, apply them to the area under the lower eyelids. Leave for the required exposure time. Do not wash off the moisture remaining after removing the patches - help it to be absorbed into the skin with light massaging movements.

Buy eye patches in the Lantale online store
In the catalog of the Lantale website you will find a large number of offers in this category. For you - the best patches under the eyes, the price of which is pleasantly surprising, and the quality is beyond doubt. You can choose products by cost, characteristics, recommended age of use, features of composition and use. To order, fill out an application online or call us. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine.