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Body lotions

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Body lotion in Ukraine

Taking care of external beauty is a responsible and important matter for each of us. But how to choose high-quality care products that will not harm the skin, but will only bring benefits? First of all, pay attention to products with a natural composition.

Body care consists of cleansing, scrubbing or peeling, moisturizing and nourishing. Natural body lotions are responsible for moisturizing - one of the main stages of basic skin care. Lotions should be used for firmness, elasticity of the skin, restoration of water-lipid balance. You can buy a moisturizing body lotion in our online store with delivery.

Depending on the characteristics, the product can additionally even out the tone, give the skin radiance or shine, and have a modeling property. On the website of our Lantale online store, you can read a detailed description of each product, choose and buy a body lotion inexpensively.

How to choose a quality and effective body lotion

Many do not understand the difference between cream and lotion, and the difference is only in consistency: the cream is more oily, thick, viscous, the lotion is liquid, gel-like. The cream is absorbed longer, but “passes” deeper into the skin, the lotion is absorbed instantly and acts immediately.

To choose the best body lotion, you need to consider a few important criteria:

• Skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, then you need to choose a moisturizing body lotion.
• Season. In summer and spring, it is better to choose a product with moisturizing ingredients and SPF protection, in winter and autumn - lotions with nourishing ingredients in the composition.
•    Compound. Pay attention that among the list of components there are no sulfates, parabens, oil products, toxic substances. Any harmful substance in the composition can harm the skin in the form of peeling, irritation, allergic reactions, microcracks. In our online store of natural cosmetics Lantale only proven certified organic cosmetics.

In order for the lotion to bring maximum benefit, it must be applied to well-cleansed, dry skin with light, massaging movements. Dermatologists recommend using this product in the morning to keep skin fresh and energized throughout the day.

Where to buy moisturizing body lotion in Ukraine

You can buy body lotion with a natural composition in our Lantale online store. The most pleasant prices, fast delivery, detailed product information and consultation, user-friendly website interface will make your shopping more enjoyable and exciting.