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Cosmetics DeLaMark

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The Ukrainian phosphate-free trade mark DeLaMark is especially popular among buyers. The company produces high-quality personal hygiene products and household cleaning products.

In the assortment of the De La Mark brand you will find the following product groups:

  • Shampoos for hair. Presented for different types of hair and please with their pricing policy.
  • Balms for hair. Complement shampoos with their properties.
  • Shower gels. A wonderful product lathers quickly, forms an intense airy foam and gently cleanses the surface of the body.
  • Soap. Fragrant aromas bring even more pleasure.

You can quickly buy De La Mark products at an attractive price. It is enough just to order the desired purchase on the website Lantale.com.ua. The online store always pleases its visitors with tempting discounts and offers.

De La Mark is a Ukrainian manufacturer of household chemicals and cosmetic care products, which was the first to receive the international eco-certificate "Living Planet" (according to ISO 14024) for the entire product line. DeLaMark is constantly involved in the implementation of eco-initiatives, including striving to comply with the Zero Waste concept.

Every year the range of the company is replenished with new products for the cleanliness of the house, things and body. All products from DeLaMark are produced according to modern recipes from safe high quality ingredients and comply with European requirements for eco-products. Therefore, brand products are sold not only in Ukraine, but also in Poland and other countries. The company "De La Mark" is known as a reliable and responsible partner.

The products of TM DeLaMark and Royal Powder have been awarded by Ukrainian and international quality competitions. The best reward is the commitment of satisfied customers, whose number is growing.